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Join the Ability Conscious Program, made for and by neurodivergents, to support the navigation of being authentically neurodivergent and unmasking your opportunities that align with who you truly are.

After signing up, all details and links will be sent to you via email. Please contact Xabilities if you have any concerns.


Who is this for? Neurodivergents trying to navigate the neurodivergent lifestyle and how to become independent. If under 16 years old, we will need parental permission, as we talk in depth about self-development. We are not a form of therapy but a program for development, growth, guidance, a sense of community, and self-discovery.


Cost: Due to us making this development program free to the end user, so it is financially accessible to all, we do ask for a small donation to maintain this program at a fair rate. It costs $50 per neurodivergent at minimum to run this program. If you can give that much or more, we would appreciate it! If you cannot donate anything at all, please contact Xabilities so we can give you the links completely free!


Refund: Being a charitable service, we will not offer refunds."

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