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Art & Graphic Designing


Hire Xabilities for your graphic & art needs.

Xabilities is the tag name of Artist Tamara Grant, Xabilities CEO and Founder.

All design work on this website is made by Tamara Grant.

Art Forms:

  • Graphic Designs.

  • Digital Art.

  • Acrylic Painting. 

  • Abstract Art.

  • Maori Painting, Ta Moko & Digital Designs.

  • Neurodiversity Awareness art pieces.

  • Emotional Intelligence Art Pieces.

Alternative Art Forms:

  • Public Speaking. 

  • Autistic Problem Solving Advice. 

  • Creative Ideas Support.

  • Expanding the Imagination Coaching. 

  • Event Design.

  • T-shirt Designs

Contact Xabilities to learn more about our services.

Contact Xabilities

General Enquires

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