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A Life of Fashion

What is the Neurodiversity Centre?
The Xabilities Neurodiversity Center is created by and for Neurodivergent people. 
We Aim to? 
To help Neurodivergent people and iwi to, think, move, and feel without fear of judgment so we can reach our full potential. Through Equilibrium that the center will present, gives our community the opportunity to thrive in being themselves.
Neurodivergent currently have bare to none support currently in Aotearoa, causing neurodivergent to live in poverty, we tend to host crime, drug, and suicide rates, and we can change this with Xabilities services being hosted in the Neurodiversity Centre. 
To live in a world where you can be yourself without fear of being outcast for your differences, so you can thrive in being you, is what Xabilities is offering in this neurodivergent space.
Where will The Neurodiversity Centre be place?
The Neurodiversity Centre will be hosted on the bottom floor of the Yes Disability Resources Centre. 
Lion Foundation House Ground Floor/3 William Laurie Place, Albany, Auckland 0632
Who will The Neurodiversity Centre Support?
The Neurodiversity Centre is for Neurodivergent people. 
What is Neurodiversity/Neurodivergent? 
differing in mental or neurological function from what is considered typical or normal (frequently used with reference to autistic spectrum disorders); not neurotypical.
(Reference from Google Search, what is neurodivergent?)
How is the Neurodiversity Centre being born? 
The Neurodiversity Centre has been created through Xabilities Committee. 
The Xabilities Committee is a diverse team of Neurodivergent working together to create a better world for our people, this team secures that all perspectives are being meet and that our services provided are efficient support for our fellow Neurodivergent.

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