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  • Pre book for the: Ability Conscious Program
    Pre book for the: Ability Conscious Program
    Mon, 08 Apr
    08 Apr 2024, 10:00 am – 06 May 2024, 2:00 pm
    The Ability Conscious Program is part of Xabilities, New Zealand's first Neurodiversity centre, founded by Tamara Grant.


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Testimonies from Autistic Expression Event 2023

‘It was great content for my daughter to see and hear to get to feel the sense of community.’

– Kevin


‘I liked learning about different things about neurodiversity and autism.’

– Paige


‘An honest and clear discussion about Neurodiversity.’

– Murray


‘It was so fun and informative. The art was beautiful!’

– Lucy


‘The staff and organisers were so friendly!’

– Jacob


‘The speeches and presentation were amazing! Tamara has explained some interesting information in an understandable way. Really enjoyed it. The whole event was brilliant.’

- Ian G.


‘I loved the presentation. We need more events like this!’

– Libby


‘I liked how people with autism spoke and how the art was by autistic artists.’

– Micah

NZ first Neurodiversity Centre Launch 2023

"We need better support in schools, i feel Xabilities is Needed, this event had great public speaking!"


"100% think Xabilities is needed in the community, was an amazing event, very proud to be here"


"I feel Xabilities is needed & should grow its community and support across the North"


"Very relevant event, would love to see Xabilities be more visible for support with the neurodivergent community"


"This was awesome!"


"more events in Aotearoa would be awesome!"


"thank you for your service"


"excited to see what next, awesome event!"

Testimonies from Autistic Expression Event 2022

"I loved the explanations from all the artists on how they felt about life."


"Leaving here so much more informed."


"Amazing work. They seem like pictured printed on canvasesVery right and captiveAmazing!"


"It is amazing, so happy we got to experience this!"


"Love anything that encourages pride <3"


"Loved all the beautiful art contributions and the film Loved the variety Enjoyed the young artists & all other art Diversity of expression, passion - loved it!"


"Platform to value people - awesome!"


"I enjoyed the diversity of all the art and artists."


"The speeches were also really great to put a face to all the work I liked how there were many different types of artI really liked the event as it showcased a wide variety of different types of art."


"I also liked how it was all celebrated The positivity, the opportunity for these beautiful people to show/express their work!"

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