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Xabilities helps Aotearoa gain insight into what it is to really be and support neurodiverse people.

Why was Xabilities was created?

Xabilities was founded by Tamara Grant, a young Maori mother who has autistic & dyslexia. growing up, with no accessibility for her disabilities, Tamara decide to create Xabilities, to be a safe haven for people like her self, and to work together as a community, to create accessibility and a future for Neurodiverse people.

In this work in support from Yes disability Tamara has been apart of and now leading all of Aotearoa current access granted for neurodiverse people, in this regards it is a very un-evolved sector and by donating or by contacting Xabilities by there website at, if you can give further support. By supporting Xabilities you helping us create an efficient support for our future and current generation of Neurodiverse people.

what does neurodiverse mean?

Neurodiverse, neurodivergent, ND, is a better word to invisible disability, 1\4 people in Aotearoa have a disability and 80% of those with disability are neurodiverse.

What we are going to do?

We have a well proven track record of supporting diverse Neurodivergent people to think, move, and feel without fear of judgment, Through providing personal and professional development.

This team is committed to including all perspectives and providing desperately needed services and support. Message Xabilities at to join or support!

Use of funds

Equipment, maintenance, and programmes that will be run out of the neurodiversity centre, for awareness such as podcasts, social media, employment programmes, and committee meetings.

Please donate today to help us make this movement possible!

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