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Autistic Expression 2022

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

In April of 2022, Xabilities created Autistic Expression in celebration of international autism month.

Beautiful night, launching the Autistic Expression Art Exhibition, where we had many diverse autistic artist present there art work in month long gallery in april 2022, for autism month.

Below we have photos and survey's from the attendees at this event.


"I loved the explanations from all the artists on how they felt about life."

"Leaving here so much more informed."

"Amazing work. They seem like pictured printed on canvasesVery right and captiveAmazing!"

"It is amazing, so happy we got to experience this!"

"Love anything that encourages pride <3"

"Loved all the beautiful art contributions and the film Loved the variety Enjoyed the young artists & all other art Diversity of expression, passion - loved it!"

"Platform to value people - awesome!"

"I enjoyed the diversity of all the art and artists."

"The speeches were also really great to put a face to all the work I liked how there were many different types of artI really liked the event as it showcased a wide variety of different types of art."

"I also liked how it was all celebrated The positivity, the opportunity for these beautiful people to show/express their work!"

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