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NZ first Neurodiversity Centre Launch

Updated: May 3, 2023

Xabilities Launched Aotearoa first Neurodiversity Centre, a place for neurodiverse people to be supported, to thrive to become themselves, the event was a huge success, and below you will find, testimonies and pictures from this event.

Testimonies from attendees:

"We need better support in schools, i feel Xabilities is Needed, this event had great public speaking!"

"100% think Xabilities is needed in the community, was an amazing event, very proud to be here"

"I feel Xabilities is needed & should grow its community and support across the North"

"Very relevant event, would love to see Xabilities be more visible for support with the neurodivergent community"

"This was awesome!"

"more events in Aotearoa would be awesome!"

"thank you for your service"

"excited to see what next, awesome event!"

Photo's from Event

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