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Tshirt -Difference is genius

Tshirt -Difference is genius

difference is genius and our independence!

  • unisex clothing
  • 100% cotton

Xabilities wants to show the world another path, so how can we make our voices heard on a larger scale? Clothing is a universal designed awareness, that we can all be a part of! Clothing that speaks for itself. by wearing this clothing you’re not just helping yourself but those around you that are too scared to jump out of the tick box society has placed them in. Let’s start the evolution of mental freedom and equilibrium.

all proceeds go towards the advocating of being different and proud!

the worlds on the clothing, (outcast, dumb, nothing, weirdo) are things people with differences tend to get called day to day & Xabilities founder Tamara Grant has experienced getting called these words because of her differences with autism, dyslexia and mental health challenges. "the only way not to get hurt when being bullied, in my experience was not to care and know that your difference is your genius." said Tamara Grant. When embracing your difference and using it to start your own course, depression, anxiety & sensory overalls can decrease at a huge rate! by wearing this clothing people shows people yours taking a stand against the bullies!

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