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Who put the dis in abilities?

Who put the dis in abilities?

This book is the emotional intelligence view on how it feels to be different!

With awareness and understanding we can make change!

Buy this book! to be able to learn more about others and yourself!

Down below is an example out of the book of a different way to look at the world, can you decode it?

Hypothetically if our earth had a brain; we may only use 10% of its potential, but with this massive working of acceptance, we could change that percentage, to I would say far more than 20%; because we may have at less 50% more of the world actually contributing to the technology, sciences and creativity; That would extend the quality of the world we live in today, by marvelling the different perspectives of thoughts, feelings and looks. Making mental freedom only possible.

It’s your choice on who put the dis in front of the abilities and here my story for the inside view of a life with a disability.

All profits go towards being different and proud!

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