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Best was to be educated about the Neurodiverse world is to contact Xabilities

Thanks for reaching out. We’ll get back to you soon.


This was fully informative and helped me understand some things to help
my current young people and any future young people I work with.

Everyone needs this workshop. It provides an explanation of how it feels
and how we need to be as not only pracitioners but as allies.

I loved it!! Loved the energy and really appreciate your stories that
you shared

Keep up your amazing work!! Can't wait to see this

Name: dot
From: youthintransition


Have an inclusive, diverse, space with help from Xabilities.

Who can benefit from our workshops? 

  • Corporations.

  • Educators.

  • Organisation. 

  • communities & iwi.

  • any form of large groups.

What happens at a Xabilities workshop?

​We will tailor to your needs, weather thats information, tasks, panel discussions, Q&A's, Beta testing, system designs.

We will make sure that the positive impact you want to make, we are the best fit for. 

By contacting us, we can set up a plan that best suits you. 

These workshops can be done by Zoom or in Person. 

What Topics can Xabilities cover?​​

  • Autism.

  • Mental health.

  • Suicide.

  • Universal design.

  • Bullying.

  • Emotional Intelligence.

  • The beauty of being different. 

  • Neurodiversity.

  • domestic violence.

  • Inclusion.

  • Equality.

  • Diversity. 

  • Reach Full Potential. 

How can you better your workspace, group, etc..?

  • Contact Xabilities Today to host a workshop.

  • Dont no what workshop to start with? contact us, so we can discuss your options further to make sure Xabilities or another services is your best fit.

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