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Life Coach


Kia ora! I’m Zinnia. I have autism and ADHD. I’m new to the Xabilities team and will soon be walking alongside neurodiverse tangataas an advocate and mentor. I will soon undergo study as an NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner training to become a qualified (meta) coach. Through my own experience I hope to bridge the gap between neurodiverse and neurotypical worlds and facilitate the discovery of meaning and quality of life in neurodiverse people of all ages.

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Xabilities Founder/ Life Coach


Tamara is an ambassador for invisible disabilities and mental health. She is a passionate young lady with a mission to create a world, starting with New Zealand, where all differences are celebrated, to be able to live in a world where all can move, think and feel without fear of judgment so individuals are ABLE to reach their full potential. Through the journey of having autism, dyslexia and mental health, Tamara has conquered control and the voice to change the world. If there's a will, there's a way and, with a strong heart, Tamara has produced Xabilities Limited, a company with a goal of equilibrium, as our difference is our same sum point, it is what makes us human, difference is our independence and genius. She also helped to create the first invisible disability sector report that she also presented to parliament. She is a professional artist and collaborate with a number of other projects that aim to help the disability sector reach its full potential. Keep an eye out for Tamara Grant as she has the aspiration to achieve.

If you are needing help with:

  • Understanding your Neurodiversity 

  • Finding strategies for your life that will work.

  • Having someone to talk to that has lived a similar experience.

  • Transitioning into a new stage of life.

If the listed information above is what you are searching for, than contact us today. ​


We help you live your best life

We support individual & groups, to live their best life and embrace their genius. by teaching how to connect, see, use, their individual beauty to reach their full potential, no matter what challenges. We will guide you through emotional blockage creating a life ready for independence.

What makes us different to your regular support?

Xabilities life coaching teachers through the expertise of lived experience. 

Tamara Grant, Xabilities founder has autism, and growing up navigating the systems, in search for help in your indifferences, the struggles were real, as she found herself with no hope, in a place of suicide, she was inspired by a movie called X-men, this movie showed mutants, that were disabled for there difference, but they found hope from a school created for those who are gifted.. e.g. different. With that life line of hope, Tamara spent 10 years of her life creating content, networks, courses, and life coaching, using these systems herself got her and others away from a life of addiction, suicidal tendencies, chronic pain, and disbelief that she was nothing. She now lives a life of purpose, passion, and love with a 4 year old son. She has committed her life to helping people find the same hope of independce. So if you need help, Xabilities will try their hardest to make your dreams a reality.

We offer 1 on 1 support, through a 1 hour zoom session.

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