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About Xabilities 

The Full Story


Xabilities is a platform made by neurodiverse people for neurodiverse people, we host professional and community development, to better support the movement of inclusion and diversity for those who are or wanting to be a part of neurodiversity.  Neurodiversity meaning; those who think or feel in a diverse way to the average person eg. diagnosis like Autism, ADHD, Bipolar are part of this neurodiverse community. ¼ of New Zealanders are disabled, 80% of those people have invisible disables.  Xabilities is Aotearoa’s first Neurodiversity center, we hope with education and implementing the voices of those living with neurodiversity that we can make catalytic change for those currently faced with being outcasted for thinking, feeling and moving invisibility different. This acceptance and difference is why the smallest action from Xabilities makes the largest difference.

Xabilities is coordinated and Founded by Tamara Grant and the information and operation is support by the Xabilities committee, a group of neurodiverse volunteers being to learn about how it is within a working environment, well sharing their voice to amplify change for others. There is currently a gap in the world with lack of accessibility for those with invisible differences/diversity, weather it is gender equality, love rights, cultural respect or accessibility for disability.

 The struggle is trying to represent those with “invisible disability” as a diverse and fluid range of people walking on a large spectrum range, rather than the current view point of, if you look normal you must act accordingly. This view point has been a large contribution to some of the negative impacts for our community including larger suicide rates, high drug use , increased crime and gang numbers and extensive mental health rates, as it is 3 times more luckily for an autistic person to commit suicide than the average person. These issues and environmental impacts are some of the common stories behind our Founder of Xabilities , Ms Tamara Grant  who had first hand experience of trying to gain accessibility for her own basic needs of education, employment and to have opportunity for independence and this is a battle Xabilities has accepted to help change, and we plan to do this in our neurodiverse way, as it is something that hasn’t yet been done in Aotearoa, and is already showing huge impact. 

These are all rights given to typical humans, and yet, as a diverse person on the spectrum, gaining these rights, for a lot of us, has felt like a constant uphill battle. Our team wishes to make change to allow people of the spectrum to be able to gain and find support, easier without constant push back. We wish to support people to thrive in all aspects of their life and to learn how live happily and freely as their authentic selves, without fear or worry. 


We are making a good difference in the world

Albert Einstein quotes. 
“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Xabilities plans to make changes differently, through universal designed communication, making difference in art, science, & political forms. We will show the world that being different is okay. Changing the stigmas, to help the people who are judged, for their differences, so they can grow to their potential they choose. 

XABILITIES is creating awareness and understanding about being positive when you are different, compared to a ‘normal’ person.

This is important! New Zealand mental health research clearly shows that regretting who you are as an individual, can affect how your brain functions. Creating awareness and understanding about who you are is important from an emotional intelligence and experiential point of view. It is an important step towards creating a more effective and healthier nation.

Currently, very few organizations globally have been founded by youth in the disability sector, particularly ones which support people with invisible and physical disabilities and mental well-being. Xabilities connects the link of disabilities and mental health by using personal experience, to show the positive outcomes that can come from being disabled and to show hope. This is not only for disabled citizens, but also corporates that are choosing to create an inclusive
work environment.

The link that Xabilities has created will provide an environment in New Zealand, where we can move, think or feel without judgment and grow confidence. It is the start of inclusion of people with disabilities.

Social changes like gender equality, racial and gay rights have hugely affected the world’s history. Now it’s time for Disability Rights. The acceptance towards differences is needed! We CAN change the future.

XABILITIES believes that New Zealand can be a place where all differences are appreciated without judgment. Internationally, our country can be an inspiration, (this is Xabilities top priority).

Why start in the disability sector? Because you feel like screaming for help when you are called D I S A B L E D and you are labelled this because you’re not the same as the ‘normal’ human. The word ‘normal’ is destructive and destroys so many peoples’ lives. You may ask why there are less suicides in poorer countries than in NZ? Maybe this pressure of being ‘normal’ is part of this problem. Xabilities believes that by showing hope to the disability sector and for all those who feel different there will be a positive change.


Xabilities Services 

Professional and community development

  • Workshops

  • Panel discussion 

  • Motivational speaking 

  • Educational talks

  • Art and graphic design to support inclusion and diversity 

Free Public Services 

  • Yearly Events

  • Social media

  • Free Informational and resources support via

  • Neurodiverse Social meet ups

  • Whanau and community workshops.

Private free Services 

  • Xabilities committee 



Living with invisable disabilities

Tamara is an ambassador for invisible disabilities and mental health. She is a passionate young lady with a mission to create a world, starting with New Zealand, where all differences are celebrated, to be able to live in a world where all can move, think and feel without fear of judgment so individuals are ABLE to reach their full potential. Through the journey of having autism, dyslexia and mental health, Tamara has conquered control and the voice to change the world. If there's a will, there's a way and, with a strong heart, Tamara has produced Xabilities Limited, a company with a goal of equilibrium, as our difference is our same sum point, it is what makes us human, difference is our independence and genius. She also helped to create the first invisible disability sector report that she also presented to parliament. She is a professional artist and collaborate with a number of other projects that aim to help the disability sector reach its full potential. Keep an eye out for Tamara Grant as she has the aspiration to achieve.

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