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A Neurodivergent once said:

'Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. '
- Albert Einstein 

Let's break the chain of insanity, and make a different type of impact!'
Xabilities is a company giving education about Neurodiversity, from a lived perspective. 
Enabling Neurodiverse people to thrive, rather than mask. 

(Masking meaning to hide, who you are to better suit others, caused due to the current lack of accessibility in mainstream system for diverse minds.)


Tamara is an ambassador for invisible disabilities and mental health. She is a passionate young lady with a mission to create a world, starting with New Zealand, where all differences are celebrated, to be able to live in a world where all can move, think and feel without fear of judgment so individuals are ABLE to reach their full potential. Through the journey of having autism, dyslexia and mental health, Tamara has conquered control and the voice to change the world. If there's a will, there's a way and, with a strong heart, Tamara has produced Xabilities Limited, a company with a goal of equilibrium, as our difference is our same sum point, it is what makes us human, difference is our independence and genius. She also helped to create the first invisible disability sector report that she also presented to parliament. She is a professional artist and collaborate with a number of other projects that aim to help the disability sector reach its full potential. Keep an eye out for Tamara Grant as she has the aspiration to achieve.

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Neurodiversity Education 

Hire Xabilities for: Workshops, Key Note Speaking, Motivational Talks, Seminars, Training, Auditing, Advocacy. 

Aotearoa Inclusion Symbol

Stay Aware and Inclusive: Our Neurodiversity Audit Services Ensure Your Organization is a Safe Space for All Differences, Helping You Thrive!

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Free Feedback Service 

“Your Voice Matters: We Advocate for You. Send Us Your Feedback, Positive or Negative, About Any Public Service. We’ll Anonymously Forward Your Feedback to Ensure Your Voice is Heard. Together, We can live in a country with Zero Tolerance for Discrimination! Promoting Emotional Intelligence and Awareness in Our Community.”

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Xabilities Events

Xabilities: Bringing Neurodiverse Communities Together! Join Our Regular Free Events for Neurodiverse Individuals. Also, Offering Free Education for Family and Community Workers

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Art & Graphic Designing

If you are looking for an artist, whether it is graphic, digital, canvas painting, or an actor. 

We are specialised in Maori design.

Contact us for more information. 

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Kaumātua (Elders Advisors of Xabilities) 


Sonia Thursby


Teresa Moore


Stephen Moore


Sheryl Connel

Kaimahi (Xabilities Staff) 


Eleanor Rawson

ADHD Advocate


Andrew George

Autistic Advocate


Aidan McNeely

Autistic Advocate

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Waimarie Tipene

Maori Advocate


Lavinia Lovo

Pafika & disability Advocate

IMG_2488 2.JPG

Tamara Grant

Autistic, Dyslexic, Mental health Advocate

CEO & Founder

Our Charitable Partners

Catalytic Foundation, Yes Disability Resource Centre, IleadNZ, Youth In Transition, Phab, Altogether Autism, Island of Misfits, Renaissance Charitable, Toi iho, National council of Women, Pasific Women's Watch, Disabled student association, Storyo.


Companies and Organisation we have collaborated with.

Fujitsu, Chubb Insurance, Dow Chemicals, Watercare, NSW Trustee and Guardian, (OHU MAHI) Workforce Development Council, Buckland Beach Intermediate, NCEI Teachers in Auckland, Bright star Conference 2022, Ilead Conference 2021,2022,2024, Diversity Symposium, Parliamentary Speaker as an advocate for disabilities x5 times, CCS Disability,Youth in Transition, Altogether Autism, Renaissance Charitable, Autism Connect, MUV Talks, Rodney local libraries help, Drake Medox, NZ Human Rights, Auckland Council, MSD Ministry of Social Development, Auckland Transport, Civil Defence Organisation, Are You Okay (NZ).

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