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Ability Conscious Program


What Is The Ability Conscious Program?

Free Online Education for Neurodivergent people, made for and by Neurodivergents.

The Ability Conscious Program focuses on self-development and navigating your neurodiversity, empowering you to thrive as your unmasked self.

What is included in the Ability Conscious Program?

Start Your Unmasking Journey!

The Ability Conscious Program contains resources and support for self-development, strategies for navigating neurodiversity, insights from lived experiences, and a community for sharing and learning from others.

  • Weekly Group Zoom Classes, every Tuesday at 6:30 pm. (Optional donation)

  • Online Community Group on Facebook, for sharing stories, accessing links, and educational information, available 24/7. (Optional donation) 

  • Coaching sessions to help navigate your neurodivergent life. (Charged)

If you need more details on this please contact Xabilities, and we will try to reach back to you as soon as we can.

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Thank you to the following for making this possible!
Dow Australia & New Zealand, Yes Disability, Catalytic Foundation and those who donate through our give little page.

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